Sunday, April 12, 2015

Author Interview Spaces Available ( #AuthorInterview )


I have developed FOUR different sets of author questions with a bit of thought and some internet browsing. I'm working on having several more sets next year. This way, authors can continue to visit and still have something to talk about even if they don't have a brand new release each time.



Right now, the schedule is pretty open (as you can imagine). But I'll email your date back to you as soon as I have your information back. It shouldn't be more than a week out at this point (likely less).



For the first set of interview questions, please see below. Once you have completed these, if you are in need of another interview, please email me for set 2 (and then 3 and 4 if needed). I would love to have return authors (based on talking to a number of people, I think quarterly is fantastic). J

1)      So, first, tell us about your book.

2)      When did you first begin to think of yourself as an author?

3)   What can you not do without while writing?

4)   Who is your favorite all time character from a book you’ve read (tell us why if you like)?

5)    Do you set goals for your own deadlines?

6)   Do you outline or fly by the seat of your pants when you write?

7)  Now's where you can share your social media links (blog, website, facebook, twitter, etc).


Now just a bit of fun stuff:

8)  When was the last time you tried something new? What was it?

9)   Do you cut coupons?

10)  Is it OK for guys to wear pink?

11)  What movie can you watch again and again and again?

12)  If you could direct/write more story line for any current televisions show, which one and why?

13)  Anything else you'd like to include/mention?


This or that:

14)  Coffee or tea?

15)  Coffee or soda?

16)  Dresses or skirts?

17)  Spring or fall?

18)  Book or movie?

19)  Fruits or vegetables?

20)  Series books or individual books?

21)  City or country?


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