Thursday, April 16, 2015

#Book #Review *Highlander Redeemed* ( #BookReview )

Disclaimer - This book was provided to me free of charge from Net Galley in return for an honest review. All review opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by being provided with the book at no charge.

Book Description

 May 12, 2015
Scotia MacAlpin may be only eighteen years old, but she’s no stranger to trouble. Her latest incident—which resulted in a death and forced her clan into battle—has made her an outcast among her exiled people. Scotia is tired of being ignored and overshadowed by her sister, a gifted Guardian of the Targe, and she’s become hell-bent on destroying the army out to capture the ancient Highland relic for their English king.
Duncan of Dunlairig has looked out for Scotia since she started to walk. She was as restless and reckless then as she is now—only the stakes have become higher and more perilous. While the rest of Clan MacAlpin ostracizes her, Duncan secretly helps Scotia become the warrior she yearns to be. But the real test of her skills may come when he needs her help—and her long-forgotten heart—in this thrilling and romantic Guardians of the Targe tale.

My Review:
In the mind of full disclosure, I do tend to not like women that are warriors or SEALS or do the things that, in my humble opinion, should be done by men. Add to it, in this book there are three very determined women. As I read I honestly was worried that I would not like the story.

I also have not read the other books in this series.

Scotia definitely starts out as an outsider to her clan. Even with her unique ideas, it draws the reader in to, at the least, feel sorry for her. Duncan, initially her friend, is the friend we all wish we had. :)

I did enjoy this book and enjoyed the "explanation" of the Guardians and how everything fits together with the series name. In the end, there's an emotional happily ever after (so to speak) that will leave you wanting another book (and also considering picking up the first two if you haven't already read them).

The writing was well in the book and the story didn't stall at any point for me (read all in one sitting-likely why I'm so tired today).

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